Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Music Mondays: Foals

I know I know it's late.

Music Mondays is happening on Tuesday this week because I spent much of my time last night attempting to dye my hair purple and have ended up with pink/red hair - needless to say my time would have been better spent writing about some band I love.

Who: Foals are a 5 piece indie band hailing from Oxford in the UK.
What: They have just released their second LP "Total Life Forever"
You may have seen them: Taking over the British Festivals and avoiding Australia. Their lead singer Yannis was also involved in the Kele (from Bloc Party) and Johnny Rotton (from the Sex Pistols) confrontation a few years back.
Hits: Ballons, Hummer, Casius, This Orient

Foals are a band I discovered back when I was still in London. It was before they had released their first LP and I feel in love with their whimsical, punchy altogether awesome music.

They have just released their second LP Total Life Forever and it's been on replay both on my iPod and in my cd player. It's that perfect kind of relaxing, getting ready, dreaming music that I love to listen to.

It's a brilliant follow up to their first album Antidotes and it sees them tackling a more mature and elaborate sound.

They are of course NME darlings but don't hold this against them - their brilliance is undeniable. Plus who am I kidding NME has steered me in the right direction on quite a few occassions so I'm inclined to agree with them sometimes.

It's been a constant love and an easy love to maintain and they are now coming to visit Australia in July and August as a part of the Splendour in the Grass Festival. One of their sideshows has already sold out so I suggest that if you're thinking about it you should just go ahead and buy that ticket because from what I can remember Yanis has some sweet dance moves and it's a show NOT TO BE MISSED!

Check out their webiste HERE
Follow them on twitter HERE
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