Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Mondays: I'm writing for Rave Review!

Welcome to Music Mondays! Last week I kicked things off with an interview with Robert Scwartzman from Rooney and this week I'm introducing you to a new project I am a part of and letting you know of two gigs I attended last week.

Last week was a fantastic week in Melbourne for music. I had the pleasure of going to see two absolutely amazing bands and I've written reviews of both shows for Rave Review

Who are Rave Review?
They are a local Melbourne based online music source. The site covers everything from music news to photography from local gigs and many many reviews of gigs and cds. It has a wealth of information on all things Melbourne and I'm now officially a part of the team.


Here are the start of the two pieces I have written for them so far (click on the “keep reading” to be taken to the full reviews). I'm sure there are many more to come and I'm excited for this opportunity.

(This was seriously the ONLY photo I took at Vampire Weekend – I didn’t charge my camera before the show and my camera died after this shot. Don’t the chandeliers look darling)

Vampire Weekend @ The Palace 04/05/10
WORDS BY: Brooke Jagoe

Arriving to the Palace at 8pm it was clear we had a long wait ahead of us before the main act. Doors at 7.30pm - support band starts at 9pm. Luckily I had people to entertain me, but the sparse crowd that was there early relied on staring blankly at the stage, reading books (!) and listening to their iPods to pass the time.

By the time Cloud Control started the crowd had grown substantially and were ready to be entertained. With a hand written sign stuck to their keyboard they began a multi layered, harmonic, lively set that fit perfectly with what you'd expect from a Vampire Weekend support band.

By 10pm the sold out crowd was getting restless - the stage was set with five chandeliers hanging from the roof and the Contra cover art of a blonde, tanned beauty hanging in the background. Sporadic cheers and clapping started and when the lights dimmed the crowd erupted as the four members of Vampire Weekend emerged from the darkness onto the stage. They kicked it off with two songs from their new album - White Sky and Holiday – and the enthusiastic crowd sang and danced along before they delved into some of their much loved hits from their self titled debut album.

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(I know these are blurry – but I like the way the colours look – plus it was super dark and I only had my “point & shoot”)

Julian Casablancas @ The Palace 07/05/10
WORDS BY: Brooke Jagoe
It was another night of waiting at The Palace on Friday night. For some strange reason this venue likes it’s punters to wait an hour and a half before any act begins. This creates a kind of boredom and impatience amongst an eager crowd. It’s been 5 years since Julian Casablancas has graced our shores and everyone in that room was ready for his return.

At 9.30pm Andy Clockwise wandered onstage to a less than interested crowd. It was clear from their reaction that everyone was there for one reason and anything else that evening was going to be sub-standard and a waste of their time.

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It was a busy crazy week at work last week - hence the reason why the posts didn't happen. We've been under-staffed due to people being away on leave so whenever I got home I just wanted to stop my brain from working. I polished off the first part of Glee and watched a couple of movies on the nights I wasn't out.

My little niece Bridie also was rushed to hospital with a lung infection so that didn't help with the distractions. She is fine now - it was just a little scare.

I'm going to attempt to keep a bit more up to date this week. It’s hard to stay motivated during the cold but I’ll push through it.

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
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  1. yay! Exciting that you're writing for a music compay - go you!

    Hope your neice feels better soon :-(

  2. Thanks Shana,

    She's doing much much better now.

    x x