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Why I Love: The quintessential villain

You know when you watch a movie and the villain is just so perfect that you love to hate them? I’ve been finding myself more and more obsessed with these characters in movies. They are charming, suave, sarcastic and super cool. They usually pop up in comic book adaptations, blockbusters and sometimes in unexpected places.

I have noticed over the past few years a couple of actors who seem to personify that quintessential villain better than any other in recent times. You usually don’t know their names but once you see their face you’ll have that “light bulb” moment and realise who they are.

Mark Strong is one such actor.


I started to notice Mark Strong after being in London. I saw a little movie called Stardust where he played the evil brother Septimus to absolute perfection that ever since then I’ve been excited to see what villain or character he’s going to play next.

You know him – I know you’ve seen him but you’re thinking that the name doesn’t ring a bell. Well that’s the beauty of these villains – once you notice them and really pay attention, you’ll never forget them.

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He was in Sherlock Holmes opposite Robert Downey JR as the evil Lord Blackwood, RocknRolla, Body of Lies with Leonardo DiCaprio and most recently Kick Ass. He’s set to shine as the baddie in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood and I for one am very excited about this. It’s about time people start to remember his name.

You should do yourself a favour and check out some of his back catalogue – familiarise yourself with his work. You won’t be disappointed.

Someone else who I love to see play a villain is Sam Rockwell – I know you all know this name. I’ve just finished watching him as the baddy in Iron Man 2 but I’ll always love him for the way he tricks those darling Charlies Angels in the first movie adaptation with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui. Even more so for his sweet sweet moves:

And of course let's not forget the greatest villain on TV - Zachary Quinto as Sylar in Heroes

Who do you love watching play the villain?

I know there's a lot but I've found lately that my favourite villains are the ones with these characteristics - it makes their evil-ness just that bit more evil.

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