Thursday, August 05, 2010

Engulfed in music videos

* We Are Scientists setlist = scored! *

While I come down from the Splendour Sideshow high and are once again unable to string together enough words to warrant a blog I thought I'd share a couple of videos from the bands who have invaded my whole being over the past 7 days.

WE ARE SCIENTISTS - It's pretty much always about them. This isn't a music video like what I've shared before but a mini film that shows the extra side to them that I love so much.

And here's a their music video for "Nice Guys" - an amazing bad-ass scooter video that shows that the SilverFox has mad skillz.

THE STROKES - as previously mentioned it was my first time seeing them live and I'm still trying to find the words. Here's one of my absolute favourite video clips (possibly ever) for "Heart in a Cage". It's so simple but so eye catching.

FLORENCE & THE MACHINE - this woman is a powerhouse. She belted out song after song to a sold out arena and left tingles up my spine and tears in my eyes. This video clip is pretty much what I'd want my own video clip to look like (if I had that kind of talent as a musician) - the sparkles, the lights, the glitter - ahh Florence!

FOALS - I've already written about how much I love this band and shared 2 of their videos but there is something about this band that totally sucks me in everytime. This video for "Spanish Sahara" is mesmirising.

30 SECONDS TO MARS - probably seems like a strange mix to throw in with this bunch but it was absolutely amazing. This video for their new single "Closer to the Edge" is one of the most beautiful videos that incorporate live footage that I have ever seen - and then there's that moment the piercing blue eyes draw you in and takes your breath away.

TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB - SO much energy that you just want to dance and shake your booty (evidence was the kid that was right near me - he was so into the music he kept hitting his butt into me. He was having such a blast you couldn't help but smile at him). This is the super cute video for their song "Something Good Can Work"

I know it's not Monday but I've been hanging out with these awesome bands for the past 7 days (by hanging out I mean being in the crowd dancing and singing my heart out and living in their music). It's been a super tiring week and my eyes are currently hanging out of my head but I wish it wasn't over already.

I've got to somehow review the show I went to last night - it's my mission for tomorrow night - and once it's up I'll share. I've also got part 2 of the Stormy visit and more stories from my London trip (gosh that feels like so long ago now).

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

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