Friday, August 27, 2010

A Storm Invades Australia: Week 2

At the beginning of the month I posted about week 1 of Stormy's visit. Well I figured now is as good a time as any to fill you in on the second week - the week we travelled and enjoyed being tourists in our own country.

Bathroom madness
L-R: Storm, Me, Lauren & Crystal (back)

Our journey started from Melbourne to Sydney where we spent 2 nights and 3 days running around, shopping, visiting iconic Sydney things (like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House - but you've seen them before so I'll just show you the fun pictures) and basically having a great time together.

More Red Velvet

I don't usually eat all that many cupcakes but for some reason when the American arrived all I wanted was Red Velvet and luckily for me I could find it wherever I went.

L-R: Crystal, Storm, Lauren & Me

Yep of course

On our first night in Sydney we decided to (I'm not sure how) do make-overs and we all ended up with a massive lightning bolt and mega 80's hair. I honestly do not know how I managed to end up with the black lightning bolt (it was annoying to wash off) and my hair didn't appreciate the mass teasing (or back combing) but it was a funny night with many faces streaked with tears from too much laughing. We have SO many photos from this night but SO many of them are un-internet postable (but they may be made into a mini movie and posted at a date TBD).

Blurry green cocktails

On our second night in Sydney we met up with my Uncle Paul who had managed to organise free tickets to see the musical Wicked (he works for the Theatre Company who have it playing in Sydney). We had amazing seats and drank green "Oz-mopolitans". We heart Uncle Paul!


Next up was BEACH TIME! We headed further north after our adventures in Sydney - all the way to Palm Cove in Queensland. Palm Cove is a beautiful little spot between Cairns and Port Douglas and we were lucky enough to stay at the Sea Temple Resort & Spa (AAAMMMMAAZZZZIIINNNNG!!!). We got an upgrade to a 3 bedroom apartment with PLUNGE pool while we were there and I claimed the biggest room with the king sized bed (naturally).


I have never been this far north of Queensland before so this was a new experience for me - we travelled out to the Great Barrier Reef where Lauren and I managed to "Find Nemo" and view some spectacular fishes. It was so relaxing and as soon as you put your head under the water it felt like you were in another world. Lauren and I kept on waving at each other whenever we saw a new beautiful fish or bright blue starfish. It was a funny way to communicate underwater.

Feeding kangaroos

At the croc park
L-R: Leah, Storm, Lauren, Crystal & Me.

Baby crocodile

We also fed Kangaroos, went to a zoo, visited a crocodile park and saw jumping crocodiles from a boat, ate crocodile burgers, watched Jamies Food Revolution while eating Fish & Chips, drove around in Ron Burgandy, blasted Florence & The Machine wherever we went, Leah failed everytime we went out to dinner but made it up by getting free drinks, baked and ate cheese the entire time we were away and we chilled out on our outside patio drinking and listening to really loud music (Franz Ferdinand & Vasco Era FTW).

I always find travelling with these girls is really easy and fun - we've done it so many times now that it just seems like we could go anywhere together and we'd be fine. We had a blast being tourists together again and it was so lovely to be able to showcase a little slice of our country to a very dear friend.

I loved having Storm visit and I wish she could have stayed here longer. Now that she's gone again our house feels quieter.

I miss her already but I know that even though there are thousands of miles seperating us that we'll still be visiting each other when we're old and grey. I'll always have a place in my life for this lady - I only wish that I saw her more often and that we lived closer to each other.

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x


  1. "Leah failed everytime we went out to dinner but made it up by getting free drinks"

    huh? What did I fail at?
    Love Leah

  2. Leah I'm pretty sure you were always the last to eat - or was that Lauren? I'm confused now :)
    x x