Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hair post - everything is purple

About two weeks ago I finally took the plunge and dyed my hair a brilliant purple (deep purple by Special Effects). I've done partial purple previously but have felt in recent months that I wanted to do more. 

After waiting almost a month for the hair dye to arrive I'm more than happy with the results. It started really dark purple but is beginning to fade/get brighter - more like Hitgirls purple wig in "Kick Ass". 

Purple purple
Purple woo!
Purple hair
I've never had a full head of super unnatural hair colour before and I've noticed the stares and whispers when I've been walking around - what outweighs those stares is the lovely compliments I've received from people who I pass during the day. 

Two days after I dyed my hair this colour I was at the AFL (Aussie Rules Football) and as we were about to leave a lady came rushing up to me and said "I saw you from way back and wanted to come and tell you how much I love your hair, it looks beautiful". 

It's always nice to try something different and it's even nicer when it turns out exactly how you'd hope.
I've had a day off of work today and it's been a nice relaxing break. I went and watched my niece Kyla at her swimming lesson, then had lunch with my older sister before heading home. After that I went shopping and managed to pick up a new coat and this dress on sale. 
Right now I'm watching "The Crow" before doing some cleaning. I bought this movie on blu ray when I was in Sydney on my Andrew McMahon trip but hadn't watched it. I decided that with all this talk about a remake (YUCK - don't get me started) I needed to watch the original that I love so very much.

Later skaters
 - Brooke

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  1. I am looking to try this hair color. Did you have problems with it bleeding or staining your clothes?