Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shawl I Want


After a pretty relaxing day at work (note: quiet day) I came home and got in my slouchy clothes (old top from Jeanswest & yoga pants from Target) and decided to take some more photos of one of my new scarves that arrived from ModCloth. Best thing about this scarf is that when it's unfolded/unwrapped from my neck and flat out it has this amazing skull print on it.

It's so beautiful and amazing. I'm currently obsessed with my football team so it's perfect because black and white are my teams colours and I feel like I'm supporting them when I'm wearing this without being over the top crazy fan (even though really I am). 

*** See my nails? Sally Hansen is HERE in Australia!! Plus my amazing ring from - I wear this all the time ***

I've had a pretty awesome week this week - I feel like it's been really busy but in reality it's been kind of cruisey. Last night we went to the footy again (told you I'm obsessed) and watched our beloved football team (Collingwood) kick some serious butt.


Last night we decided that we needed hot jam donuts at half time and went wandering all around the MCG to find somewhere who still had them - this was easily the best decision that we made, they were DELICIOUS. Here's to hoping next week people around us decide to show up and use their memberships (I have a feeling they will since it's one of the biggest matches of the season - outside of the finals) so we don't end up with some crazy loud mouth supporter who barracks for the opposition near us. 

Tonight it's relax night - me and my sister Crystal are catching up on fun shows (Parks and Rec, Community, The Office, 30 Rock and Bones) while eating Nandos and then choc-banana ice cream for dessert. 

Tomorrow we're going shopping (I need a new battery for my camera remote and an iPhone case - and Crystal wants new jeans) before meeting up for lunch with Skye (PANCAKE PARLOUR!!) and then we're all going to see Scream 4. I'm SOOOO excited about seeing this movie - I can still remember watching the first movie and then every single sequel after that. These movies remind me of high school and being young and enjoying scary movies. I still get freaked out by the opening scene in the original Scream movie - poor Drew Barrymore. 

I'll make sure I come back and share my thoughts on the new movie - I'm sure I'll have some opinions.

Have a lovely weekend (what's left of it anyway)
 - Brooke

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