Sunday, April 03, 2011

Kylas first AFL game

This year we decided to do more than just support our AFL football team - we decided to purchase memberships. Our membership gives us reserved seating to every home & away game that is played in Melbourne. Crystal, Lauren & I bought them together so we have each other to go with almost every week.

Lauren works on Saturdays and since last weeks game and this weeks game fell on a Saturday afternoon then she hasn't been able to come along yet. Last week we took one of Crystal's work mates and this week we were unable to find anyone at the last minute so we decided to take my little niece Kyla along to her first football match.

On the way to the match we stopped by Rebel Sport and purchased Kyla her first Collingwood guernsey so she could wear it to her first footy match.

Kyla at the Footy

Kyla footy

She was far too excited all the way to the game and kept giggling and laughing and being super cute. She didn't much like the loud sirens but she did like running around the empty seats yelling "RUDOLF THE RED NOSED REINDEER" (if you can explain that I'd love it). 


Kyla at the footy

Kyla at the Footy

We ate lots of lollies and laughed and cheered. It was a good thing that we won by lots and it was an easy game because I spent a lot of the time watching Kyla and making sure she didn't disappear.

Kyla at the Footy


We had the most ridiculously fun & happy day. It was such a spur of the moment decision to take Kyla and it was such a great way to introduce Kyla to the world of crazy football. 

Go Pies!
 - Brooke

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