Thursday, April 21, 2011

A new Nephew - Tate William

Tate William

This morning a new cutie entered our world - Tate William was born around 2am.

I woke up this morning at 5.50am to a phone call from my very excited brother Nathan. This is his wife Nicole's and his third child - and first boy (they have two adorable girls). 

He's such a cutie-pie with teeny tiny wrinkly fingers (and finger nails - OMG). When I had my first cuddle he some how got the hiccups. His whole body shook with each hiccup and he scrunched his face up with each shake. 

Tate William

Tate William

I only had my iPhone with me (as I rushed over after work to meet him) and these were the only pictures I have so far. I'm sure that'll change soon enough. I can already see some of the features that Bridie & Evie had when they were first born in Tate - it's that lip/chin area that looks super familiar. 

Nathan showed me pictures of Bridie & Evie visiting their new brother - they were such adorable photos. I can't wait to see them all together.

I'm a super happy Aunty right now.

Smiles and glee
 - Brooke

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