Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Gratitude List: Week ending 01 Dec

WOW, it's really December - DECEMBER YOU GUYS!!!! I'm excited for so many things this month. I have lots of Christmas parties, lots of bands and lots of big things happening, but I want to remember and be happy for the little things too.

Here's what rocked my world this week


1. NEW HAIR CUTS: I got my hair cut this week and it feels so good. After spending two days at the Blogcademy with two amazing women (Kat & Gala) who were both rocking the hell out of straight fringes (or "bangs" for those in the USA) I knew it was time to bring it back. My hairdresser Courtney is such an amazing person. She puts up with all my crazy whims and is always willing to try anything with my hair. This time I asked for shorter at the back and longer a the front - I knew my hair needed a good cut but I didn't want to lose the illusion of length at the front - she did it without blinking and I love it. 

2. Dinner dates with amazing friends - On Saturday night I caught up with a friend I have known for a VERY LONG TIME (read: about 15 years ++) and it was so nice to be able to sit around eating delicious Indian food (naan bread = yum) talking about life. It's such a nice feeling to have people who know you so well and that you can still connect with after 15 + years of friendship.


3. I CAN'T STOP BUYING CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS - So far this year I have purchased a bunch of new decorations (a snow globe penguin, silver bell stars, a quilted "Merry Christmas" hanging sign, a collection of cute wooden hanging ornaments and a wooden Christmas tree). I'm so happy that the stores have out really cute affordable decorations this year.


4. Getting tickets to bands I love who are touring next year - This week alone I have bought tickets to see The Lumineers, Arcade Fire, Bastille and Arctic Monkeys. I was really lucky to get a text message from my friend Jeanine asking me if I wanted her to buy me a pre-pre-sale ticket to Arctic Monkeys - I said HECK YES! She works for a touring company and had staff access to tickets - how amazing is that?!?!

5. Relaxing and taking time for me - I slept in, I read books, I relaxed and caught up on some TV shows, I just took some time out and breathed. It's so nice to be able to just stop for a bit and have a "nothing" day where all you do is bum around at home in your pj's.

This week is chock-a-block. I've got 2 x gigs plus my Dad's birthday and a Christmas tree to decorate. I'm also going to introduce my nieces and nephew to a Christmas movie they haven't seen before.

What are your plans for this week? What are you looking forward to?

 - Brooke


  1. Love the fringe! I got one about six months ago after having a couple of wines while I was getting my hair done and letting the stylist talk me into it, and I love it!

    1. Thanks :) I love it too. It's always nice when a risky hair cut turns out nice