Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Gratitude List: Week ending 15 Dec

I can hardly believe that it's Tuesday already. It's 8 days until Christmas and I think this past week has been one of the best for December so far. Why? Well let me tell you


1. Christmas Parties - I went to my work Christmas party on Saturday night. It was held at a venue called Madeline's at Jells Park. We had 19 stores turn up and it was a really fun night. The theme was "a touch of Christmas" and it was nice to see people embrace the theme and dress up a little. I wore my Black Milk Christmas Tree skater dress and my Crown & Glory holly hair clip. I talked to lots of people, drank lots of cider and laughed a lot.

I also had dinner with my team last night and we exchanged KK gifts. I feel so happy with my new team and love that we are all so different but it works. They are just really good people :)

2. Beyonce's new album and videos - I can't even begin to explain how happy this surprise album has made me. Every song is awesome, every video is stunning. I've been listening to it so much since I bought it. My favourite video is "Flawless" but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the roller-disco video for "Blow" and the beauty pageant inspired video for "Pretty Hurts" (plus pretty much every other video in the collection).


3. Gorgeous artwork arriving - This week I had an original sketch from Dallas Clayton arrive. He did the most amazing thing this year where you paypaled him the cost for the art and he would pick out a sketch to send you as a SURPRISE. Mine was this cute dinosaur and I think it's perfect. Plus I had a print and wood block mounted print from Cuddly Rigor Mortis arrive. I don't actually have space for all this amazing art but I couldn't resist any of these images and will find places for them both.

4. Christmas shopping = done - I told you I was going Christmas Shopping on Saturday and I managed to get it done and dusted in 1.5 visits (I had to go to a different town on Sunday to pick up 1 gift). It wasn't a hellish experience and I actually had fun.

5. Brand new shoes - I've been waiting for them to arrive and this week they turned up. Holographic, gold, tassels - am I describing your perfect shoe? They are so beautiful and out of this world.

How has your week been? I have the rest of the week off from work so I've not got much planned. I have some crafting, a Christmas lunch and movie date organised but I'm mostly excited about relaxing before Christmas.

 - Brooke


  1. Ohh! Sounds like an awesome week! I love the BM Xmas tree skater, I kind of wish I'd have bought it now!

    1. It's so cute isn't it :)
      I have the leggings too. I love Christmas too much