Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Film love: Twilight

* so close I can almost taste it *

There is not much I love more in life than a really great book. It's even better when the book gets made into a movie - and is made right. I've felt that way about the first 2 Harry Potter movies - they stuck so well to the book it made me happy (I started to lose faith after the last 2 but I have hopes that the 5th is going to restore my faith in the franchise).

I have been anticipating the release of Twilight since I read about the movie being made when I was still in England. I followed the casting decisions with baited breath and applauded the choice in actors for the characters I grew to love. I watched the MTV short clips each week until it all became too much for me and I had to stop and take a Twilight break :)

I know (!) I've read all the blogs raving about these books like crazy fan-girls but they really are that great.

I have always had a fascination with the legends of Vampires - heck what girl hasn't? I think the attraction between a vampire and a human in books is romantic and tragic and doomed to failure but it intrigues me to no end. Hey I'm a sucker for a beautiful immortal and a tragic love story.

I think this is why Bella and Edwards story appealed to me. I like the idea that some people are just meant to end up together - fate and all that - that their attraction goes beyond the normal conventions of life and love. It's just a nice thought.

I'm so very excited about December 7th - I'm going to eat cake and discuss all things Edward and Bella with my sister and my dear friend Julz. These books helped me starve away boredom on those long lonely train rides across Europe, they helped me keep my imagination alive while I was trying to sleep in that cramped dirty room we called home for 3 months in London. They are beautiful books and I am sure the movie is going to be something special. It's so close I can't stand to think about it. I've been avoiding all things Twilight movie related on the net because I know it's coming out soon in the USA - I don't want to read other peoples opinions on this one - I'm saving that decision for myself alone.

Tomorrow night I am going to see Bloc Party - I am excited. I am actually going to see them on Friday night too. I think I need these shows to be amazing and I know they will be. I haven't listened to their new songs much at all but I've seen what Kele can do onstage (even while sick and going against doctors orders to sing and play) so I have no doubts about the spectacle to come :)

Super love and sparkles

x x x

P.S The V Festival has made me so very happy - The Killers & Snow Patrol & Kaiser Chiefs. Summer is going to be filled with happy days :) Now all I need is some Jack's Mannequin sideshows

P.P.S I have to buy Kings of Leon tickets tomorrow - someone asked me if I was going and I laughed. Yes I am a fan, Yes I have been to every show they have played in Melbourne since Big Day Out 2006 so what is going to change there? Just because other people now know who they are doesn't make me the kind of fan to ditch them. I love everything about Kings of Leon - from their crazy pasts to their old albums even to the fact they have new fans - I just don't quite understand how this new album made them so huge (it's not their best album). The thing I love most about Kings of Leon is their live shows - I'm not giving that up because they are playing in bigger stadiums now, not for anything.

Song of the moment = Jack's Mannequin - Caves

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