Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 1

Think of 5 things to be thankful and happy about this week and write it down. You'll soon see it's been a fantastic week!

New baby nieces - It's been mentioned already but my oh my it's so lovely to be able to meet a person in their first day in the world. It's a crazy and amazing and beautiful thing.

Jack's Mannequin touring Australia in February - I can hardly contain myself when I even think about this. Anyone who knows me knows the love I have for this band (well for Andrew McMahon in particular). The last time I saw them was way back in 2006 when I was on my second camp adventure. I flew from San Jose California to New York for 1 night JUST to see him support a (lame) band. I also met him that day and it was a beautiful surreal overwhelming experience. I am now planning to attend a couple of shows in different states - so far (if he announces sideshows - he's playing a festival) if all goes to plan it'll be 8 shows in a week. But we are at least looking at 6 shows in a week. OMFG! My stomach does a little flip of excitement every time I think about this. Smiles and love all around today due to this!

British India shows - It doesn't matter how many times I see this band live I still love them. I've been going to their shows since 2005 (I think - possibly eariler) and they are just an amazingly fun band live. It doesn't matter that I have seen them so many times, every time I do it brings a smile on my face. It's fun to watch a band grow - I remember shows when there maybe 50 people seeing there to see them - my how the times have certainly changed.

New make-up - Lime Crime Make-up is as good as was expected. I might go into a bit more detail in a couple of days time. Just KNOW it's bright, it's colourful, it's AMAZING!

Long weekends - It was Melbourne Cup weekend this past weekend and while I had to work 9 - 3pm on Saturday I had the following 3 days off. It was splendid and relaxing. I went shopping on Sunday (for Crystal's b'day present), visited my new niece on Monday (twice) and relaxed with the TV watching Phantom of the Opera. It was nice to relax a bit and already it's almost the end of the week. I didn't bet on the race so I didn't win any money - but on the plus side I didn't lose any money :) I love watching the fashions on the field but am usually disappointed in the coverage on the TV - they don't show enough of the dresses or shoes!

Things that also sparkled through my world (but just missed the top 5): New albums from Razorlight that don't disappoint, more new headbands with bows, cleaning out my make-up storage and finding brushes that I thought were long gone, new lip glosses that taste like lollies, more tours from fun bands (Fall Out Boy, N.E.R.D, & Black Kids), anticipation of festival announcements (the build up can sometimes be more fun that the announcement - with the exception of Jack's Mannequin OH MY), waking up to a cute niece in my bed, dancing with cute nieces, potato gem fights, fantastic new films from directors who have been having a bad time of late (Rock 'n Rolla), finding new places to shop online and the Aussie dollar slowly gaining value again.

It's NOVEMBER already! I can't believe it. When I think of what I've done this year already it's hard to believe that it is almost over. There is still so much to look forward to before the year is out.

Happy weeks are good weeks :)

Love and sparkles

x x x

Song of the moment = Jack's Mannequin - The Resolution

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