Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I love: December

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It is almost one of my favourite months of the year - DECEMBER! It is a much loved month for many people but in preparation for the joyful season I'm going to give you my top 5 reasons why I love December

1. Christmas time: I love Christmas time - who doesn't - I love the mass panic to find the perfect present, the crazy busy shopping centres, watching family members open their presents, receiving presents, turkey & chicken & lamb crackle at lunch & lots of leftover food for the days that follow Christmas dinner. I love the smell of REAL Christmas trees, decorating the house with Christmas decorations, wearing crazy Christmas jewellery & dressing up with tinsel. I think Christmas time this year is going to be even better because we will have 3 little kiddies (2 of which will KNOW who Santa is this year) and the whole family together (my sister and her husband are coming down from Sydney this year with the little niece). It's always a hectic, crazy time of the year but I LOVE IT - and when I purchase Lime Crimes new red glitter shadow it'll be complete :)

2. Summer weather: The heat starts rolling in but it's not at those extreme heats in December - this means it's still nice enough weather for us to enjoy barbeques in the backyard drinking beer and eating sausages with family and friends. It's still nice enough to go to the beach, have a picnic and sit in the sun without burning to a crisp in the summer heat.

3. Christmas Parties: dressing up, drinking, laughing - it's all part & parcel at Christmas parties.

4. December 17th: For some reason each year December 17th is a great day - some amazing international band decides to tour Australia and Melbourne gets them on December 17th. A couple of years back it was Green Day, this year amazingly it's Alicia Keys.

5. Summer shades & summer wardrobes: bring on those bright colours - I've assembled my summer colours for this year and December seems to be the time to bring them out. Bright make-up, bright clothes - I love wearing shorts & skirts & haviana thongs & sandals & light summer dresses & bright bold sunglasses (this year I want purple ones).

There is just so much to love about December - it's the ending of another year which means the beginning of a new one (der). It's the time of year where we reflect on the year we've had, start to plan for the year to come. It's the time to start thinking about new opportunities & new possibilities.

It's an exciting & frantic & fun time of the year - now that I'm no longer in direct retail I find myself loving December more & more.

Tell me - what's your favourite month of the year and why??

Love & sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment = The Killers - Joy Ride

P.S I've signed up to twitter - I'm still figuring it out but add me so that I can see a point to it :)

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