Friday, November 28, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 3

* Photo by ME*
*Bijoux ring (from Swatch) & I heart polarioids necklace (from Shana Logic)*

Another week has passed - I'm finding myself enjoying doing my weekly wrap more and more. I think everyone should try this - it's a refreshing exercise and a great way to realise just how amazing your life is :)

- I know I mentioned it last week but they were REALLY that good :) The second show - the one on Friday - I think was that much better than the 1st. They played Sunday, Waiting for the 7:18 and This Modern Love - I was in heaven. Crystal and I had one of the easiest "getting to the barrier" moments ever (only just behind our Coldplay efforts on their last Aussie tour). We waited in our car until the doors opened (it was raining), went to the toilets, got beers and then went and sat (thanks Festival Hall) near one of our friends who was in the front. When the crowd got up we weaved easily to the barrier - it was super weird. It was a beautiful, amazing night and I've been listening to Bloc Party heaps since.

Adelaide Soundwave in February - Jack's Mannequin (are you getting my obsession yet?) will be there and so will I! Me & Crystal bought our flights and tickets the week before last but this week I managed to get us some accommodation at the Miller Apartments near Rundle St Mall. Bonus is it's only costing us $60 each for the one night and I think it's 4 star. Now I have that organised it means that it's REALLY happening - I will be seeing Jack's Mannequin at least twice on his tour here - Sydney is still to be decided (it'll happen, I just need sideshows to be announced so I can figure out flights/costs).

Twitter - I joined this week and while I'm still figuring it out it seems like a lot of fun. Now all I need are friends to join so I can see it in complete action. It's like facebook status updates only I can access it from work ALL DAY. Nothing helps beat total boredom like something new and fun

New hair cuts and colours - that's where I was yesterday and the reason why this wasn't posted yesterday. I've lightened my hair to the lightest it has been in about 3 years. It's going to take some getting used to and I am going to have to adjust my makeup accordingly (I've perfected the dark hair + vibrant eye makeup) but I think I love it. I feel like each time I look in the mirror I am transported back to 2005 when I was in America working at my beautiful camp. I feel more summer-y which is perfect for the months that are coming up :) It's amazing what a change of hair colour can do for your whole personal wellbeing.

THIS - I love Gala Darling - everything about this girl is amazing! She is basically the inspiration behind this whole blog. I've always loved writing but I've sometimes felt a bit funny writing about myself online. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon her blog but I am so happy that I have - it's inspirational, original, beautifully written and her articles are helpful and a lot of fun. I have always tried to look at things in a positive light but I had been struggling lately - Gala's site arrived on my computer screen at the most perfect time.

Other things that sparkled through my world - visiting nieces (this always brings a smile to my face), funny songs, dancing with nieces, Melbourne weather (we went from hot hot hot to brrr cold - in one day), BOB EVANS (but more about him later), beautiful songs, AMAZING new music from The Killers, superb movies (but I've already written about THAT), making new Shana Logic orders, ROBOT PLUSHIES, new colours from Lime Crime (though it has led to hours of consideration staring at the computer screen trying to choose my next order), shopping centres getting decked out in Christmas decorations, thinking about summer, choosing the hotel you are going to stay at in Hawaii next summer (June/July 09), getting my work life organised again, giving music recommendations have having that person LISTEN to you (thanks Dave).

How was your week? Was it as beautiful and fabulous as mine?

Love & Sparkles

x x x


Song for the moment = Bob Evans - Don't You Think It's Time

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